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Welcome to KLWC!

The place where God’s love covers, builds, and restores!
Kingdom Love is the church that has its doors and arms opened to people from various walks of life and backgrounds. We understand the need to demonstrate a Godly love to all of those who were deemed unlovable. We are a group of people who are not perfect but we strive to ensure that we demonstrate the characteristics of our father.
This is the church for the beginner, the experienced and the Christian who is rediscovering who they are in Christ. There is a place for everyone here. We invite you to join in on the Kingdom Love Worship Center experience, but if you cannot physically make service, this site is a resource for you to stay connected and informed. Join us every Wednesday at 7pm for Bible Study or Sundays at 1:30pm.

A Place For You

We are committed to loving God’s people

to a place of healing, freedom, and wholeness.

San Franklin

San Franklin

Senior Pastor

San Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Love Worship Center. She is an anointed preacher and teacher that embodies the true meaning of loving unconditionally. She is an award-winning vocalist, having traveled the globe with some of Gospel music's greatest, including the renowned Walter Hawkins, whom she served as Executive Assistant while attending The Love Center in Oakland, CA. She is also a highly sought after and Grammy-nominated session vocalist and arranger, having worked with artists such as Donald Lawrence, Aretha Franklin, and Jill Scott.

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